Hints, Tips & Ways of Managing Waste

Farmers and Growers

Managing waste - During 2020 the following links will go into more detail about how you can do better and what they can do to help...

Your Local Council

On Farm Waste Management

Silage and Balege


Poly Prop Bags


Schemes to Help...


A product stewardship scheme for agrichemical containers and drums. They also operate a number of sites across NZ for the return of product, as well as 'One Stop Shop Events' which combine a number of 'recycling' events in a one day one location event.


There are 6 'streams' of waste that can be recycled through Plasback. These are; Baleage/Silage wrap, Polyprop Bags, HDPE Drums (North Island Only), Ecolab/AgPro Plastic Containers, Vineyard Nets and Twine.


Recovering Oil Saves Environment

Promotes the recovery of used oil to be reused as alternative to fuel for a number of NZ based contractors.