A tool to use to help your business move toward reducing waste and to a Circular Agriculture Economy.







Ask yourself these questions... What can you do using the 10 R's of Porohita 10?

For example; What can you 'Reduce' your use of? What can you just simply 'Refuse' to use? Can you 'Redesign' how or what you need? What can you 'Recycle' more of - or better?

The essence of the Porohita 10 is to help guide your decision making - but we give you plenty of tips and hints along the way!

What can you rethink in your business?

  • Where is your waste going?

  • Where could it go?

  • With all the changes - what can you rethink?

What can you redesign in your business?

  • How do you collect your waste now?

  • Can you use systems or products that have less waste impact?

What can you just simply refuse to use?

  • When looking for products - can you refuse the ones that cant be returned, recycled, etc?

What can you reduce your use of?

  • Can products be bought in bulk to reduce packaging requirements?

  • Can you reduce the supply chain?

What can be reused?

  • The aim is to keep items at their highest possible use - can you look at what you are reusing and see if you can do better?

Can a product be repaired?

  • Do you need to but a new 'something' or can the product be repaired?

  • When you buy something - look to see that it is repairable.

Can you make a decision that regenerates the farm or environment?

  • How about buying local to regenerate local supply chains.

What do you recycle?

  • Is there more you could recycle?

  • Who do you buy your products from?

  • Will they recycle?

There are product stewardship schemes like Agrecovery to return packaging.

  • What do you need to know and do to return your packaging?

What is regulated in your area?

  • What can you do with waste?

  • Who can you talk to, to do better with waste?